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Pricing: Services


Our OCD Specialty Clinic is run through our practice, BrainBody Specialty Services, PLLC. Due to the nature of the specialization and limitations for providing quality care when taking insurance, we have made the choice to not accept any insurance to provide superior care. This allows us the flexibility to provide individualized care not dictated by an insurance company. It also allows you to keep your mental health record private as insurance companies require a diagnosis and may request medical records at any time. This will create a label of a previous existing condition that may impact future benefits and other benefits, such as life insurance.

We are able to provide SuperBills at client request - which contains the information necessary to send in a form for reimbursement for out of network. Payment is due at the end of each appointment. We are able to take HSA, FSA, and all other major credit cards. 

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  • Your record stays private. 

  • Your diagnosis will not go on permanent record with your insurance company

  • Insurance will not dictate how many sessions or how long sessions can be

  • You can take advantage of your Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Spending Account

  • You get access to specialized care for OCD that you would not get from a generalist therapist


60 Minute Intake Session: $250
50 Minute Follow-up Session: $225
90 Minute Follow-up Session: $337.50
Group Therapy: $90

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