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Virtual and In-Person in Scottsdale, AZ


We help individuals heal from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety through specialized counseling.

Are you or a loved one stuck in patterns of anxiety, experiencing intrusive thoughts, or feeling like you have to engage in compulsive patterns like hand washing, seeking reassurance, repeating actions a certain number of times or checking?

You may feel constantly clouded with uncertainty and powerless over these thoughts and compulsions. You may also feel overly critical and judgmental of the thoughts and when they arise. You may feel like you have no choice but to engage in a compulsion to reduce distress.

The good news is that therapy can help! We have helped countless patients recover their quality of life and THRIVE.

Our OCD Specialists use gold-standard treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-Based therapies, and more. Our therapists all specialize in treating OCD and anxiety. 

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Dr. Gabrielle Rozio, Psy.D. is currently accepting new patients ages 18+. Jennifer Salazar, LAC is accepting new patients for ages 8-18 on a wait list (about 4-6 weeks to schedule). Contact Us to be placed on Jennifer's waitlist. Please don't choose any other therapists as Dr. Rozio and Jennifer Salazar are our OCD specialists. 

Please scroll down and click the "Request Appointment" button below, select Gabrielle Rozio for ages 18+ and location "BrainBody OCD Counseling" to schedule your free phone consultation.